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For Battery: Product Features:
Long Lasting and Low Self Discharge】These HiQuick C / D cell batteries offer 1.2 volts and 5000 mAh / 10,000 mAh of capacity. The higher capacity makes it can keep long-lasting time for your device. The Low self-discharge make it still can be used after 3 years of non-using
1200+ Cycles and No Memory Effect 】Battery type: NIMH D cell rechargeable batteries, charge and discharge up to 1200 times, no memory effect, so it can keep charging them after they’re discharged and keep the power like new
Pre-Charged Performance C / D Cell Battery】All HiQuick C / D Rechargeable batteries were charged before you get them, so you can use them for emergencies.
Stranderd Size C / D Batteries】100% standard c / d size battery,performed really well on low-drain devices, and long lasting performance inside high-drain devices like clocks, remotes, flashlights and toys.
Come with storage boxes】Each 2 D / C batteries were packed in a durable case, Also you can store them when they not use.
Product Specification: Size D Rechargeable Batteries
1. Capacity: 10000mAh
2. Voltage: 1.2V
3. Battery type: D R20
4. Chemical Composition: Ni-MH
5.Each two batetries come with one storage case box
Size C Rechargeable Batteries
1. Capacity: 5000mAh
2. Voltage: 1.2V
3. Battery Type: Ni-MH
4. Size: C R14 For 2-slot LCD Charger Feature:
Quick Charger] HiQuick charger adopts Micro USB and TYPE-C dual input, and supports QC fast charging technology, which can adjust high current mode.
Compatibility&Durability]2 bays designed for Ni-MH AA AAA C D rechargeable batteries , two channels of independent identification chip, charge one battery or two batteries , depending on your choice.
LCD Pilot Lamp] Battery charger with smart LCD which is more convenient to understand the charging status, and check the defective battery detection results.
USB Charging]Freely charge anytime, anywhere, suitable for all kinds of USB interface input voltage, convenient and fast.
Unique Charging Mode]This charger adopts -DV control technology, constant voltage and constant current, effectively improve battery life and prevent accidental damage. Let you and your family use it safely.
Specification Model: HB-U2 Input: DC 5V 2A Output: NiMH/NiCD batteries: DC 1.53V 1000MA±50MA*2 Li-ion batteries: DC 4.2V±0.02V 1000MA±50MA*2 2000MA±80MA*1 This Charger Suitable for: The charger is designed for 1-2 pieces Ni-MH Ni-CD Li-ion rechargeable batteries and freely charges compatible rechargeable battery like Ni-MH/Ni-CD: AA, AAA, C, D
Performence Providing the constant current & constant voltage safety model Intelligent independent two slots, supports hybrid charging mode With battery reverse connection protection and short circuit protection Automatic activation function: automatically activate "zero voltage" lithium battery
For 4-slot LCD Charger Features
Wide Compatibility & USB Design: The smart rechargeable battery charger is perfect for 1-4 count AA AAA C D NiNH NiCD rechargeable batteries and 1-2 NiMH Li-ion 9V rechargeable batteries, friendly to one-battery needed device. Micro USB and Type C portmake charging more easily, give you more options than wall charging.
Higher Charging Speed: Charging 4Pcs AA/AAA/C/D battery with current 1A, 3 times faster than ordinary one. Fully charged AA/AAA/C/D batteries in less than 3 hours, and 9V batteries in less than 10 hours.
One Button Discharge: Hit the blue button to turn to discharge mode, which helps to reduce AA/AAA/C/D NiCD battery memory effect, improves battery performance and prolongs its lifespan. When the battery is fully discharged, the intelligent battery charger would automatically turn to charging mode.
Safety Assurance: Controlled by MCU, the fast rechargeable battery charger would automatically shut down when it reaches safety charging time, protect your battery from over-charge, over-voltage, over-current. Constant current charging mode protects the battery from current fluctuation and keeps safety during operation.
Visible Charging Process: The LCD shows accurate charging progress of each battery of AA AAA C D NiNH NiCD rechargeable batteries. LED indicates charging status of 9V rechargeable batteries.
The Details
Input: DC 5V/2A
Output: AA, AAA, C, D batteries: 1.2V DC 4*1000mA; 9V batteries: DC 80mA*2
Discharge Current: 300-800mA Package Included: Choose your need
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